BG Airport Announces Cancellation of Destin Flights

The Bowling Green-Warren County Regional Airport only commercial airline has decided to officially stop service in and out of the airport, meaning no more flights to the popular vacation destination Destin, Florida.

The Tennessee based Contour Airlines was recently awarded contracts through a program where the federal government subsidizes air service costs to smaller markets.

Unfortunately, the Bowling Green airport is not eligible for the assistance because the location to and service assisted from the Nashville, TN airport.

Contour Airlines says they just simply did not have enough aircrafts to supply Bowling Green anymore.

The airport has been working with Contour Airlines since 2016 – sending two flights to and from Atlanta, Georgia in the begging – which ended after a short three months.

Plus, seasonal flights to Destin, Florida, for the past two seasons.

Director Rob Barnett says they already have a few carriers interested in joining forces.

WNKY will keep you all updated on negotiations with any possible future carriers.