Barren County Sheriff’s Office warns of potential scam calls

BARREN COUNTY, Ky. – The Barren County Sheriff’s Office is warning to be on the lookout for a potential scam.

According to a post on the BCSO’s Facebook page, their office has recently been made aware of a scammer posing as an employee with the Barren Co. Sheriff’s Office.

The caller states he is Lt. David Gilmore, badge #9726 and he is calling referring to a warrant of arrest for a missed court date. Caller ID is showing that it is coming from the Barren Co. Sheriff’s Office’s phone number according to the post.

BCSO says this person is not employed by their office. Their office will not call you regarding a missed court date, any money owed or for any outstanding warrants.

If you receive a call from this person, or any person stating you have an outstanding warrant, they advise that you end phone call.