Aviation Heritage Park to receive Marine One chopper replica

BOWLING GREEN Ky.-Bowling Green’s Aviation Heritage park tells the story of many legendary pilots. In the very near future, a Marine One chopper will land at the park on loan from the United States Navy. This specific aircraft, a Sikorsky H-3, will be painted up to look like the original Marine One flown by the late Col. Mac Reynolds, who was a Bowling Green resident prior to his death. Reynolds piloted Marine One for Presidents Reagan, George H. W. Bush, and Clinton.

Aviation Heritage Park Executive Assistant Christine Bobco is thrilled to finally be able to tell Reynolds’ story.

“I’m really excited about it.  As you know, you can’t just go down to a store and purchase a plane. We wanted to honor Col. Mac Reynolds. The hunt for the perfect helicopter was a long one. It took quite a few years, and it’s finally coming true,” Bobco said.

Reynolds died Feb. 2, 2018.

Aviation Heritage Park President Joe Tinius said Reynolds would be honored to know his story will be told through this chopper if he were still alive.

“I think he’d be very humbled. He would be very proud that there’s going to be this exhibit here at the park. We’ve had the opportunity to talk to his wife, and she is very excited that we’re going to be able to recognize him and his service in this way in the years to come,” Tinius said.

Tinius also emphasizes why the telling of these stories is important.

“There’s stories that need to be told, and that our community needs to take pride in. They need to come out and see what these individuals did not just for our community, but for our country,” Tinius said.