Auburn waste fire out 

AUBURN, Ky.-A fire at the Scott Waste Services facility in Auburn is now out, and officials are working to determine its cause.

According to the Auburn Fire Department the blaze was completely put out on Friday, four days after it started burning. The rainy weekend is believed to have helped extinguish the flames.

No official cause for the fire has been released at this time.

Lt. Kyle Hampton at the Auburn Fire Department said that when he first arrived at the scene of the burning facility, he saw a front-end loader and piles of nearby trash fully engulfed in flames.

Hampton told WNKY that he believes this may have been the cause of the fire.

A statement posted to the Logan County Ky Solid Waste Facebook page Tuesday afternoon said, “that the Auburn Transfer Station is scheduled to be back open for business tomorrow June 11th.”

The facility will also offer a free dump day this Saturday, June 15 to make up for the one that was missed last Saturday.