Auburn restaurant could lose their building if they don’t raise the funds to purchase it

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AUBURN, Ky. – An Auburn business just got word that they have to come up with nearly $275,000 or vacate their building by December, and after the pandemic, the owner is overwhelmed.

Just a few days ago, Michelle Webb, the owner of the Black Sheep Diner, was told by the owner of the building that they would be selling the building to someone else immediately following the end of the restaurant’s lease, unless she can purchase it before then.

This news comes as the restaurant is getting back to normal after suffering greatly throughout the pandemic.

“We didn’t stop during the pandemic, so why would we stop now,” said Webb.

The Black Sheep Diner used to be in Franklin, but just over a year ago, the business moved to Auburn in a larger building with more parking.

Customers say the business has already made a huge impact on the Logan County community offering free meals for certain holidays.

“I do believe this is a staple to the community. Since the Webb family has come to Auburn, they have done numerous things for the community. I believe they have brought the community together. For them to leave here would be a shame. It would definitely be an empty hole in the heart of Auburn,” said Jonathan Sanford, a customer.

“I hope the community will rally around and help them and maybe purchase the building so that they can stay in operation,” said Steve Stratton.

The restaurant also has a shed out front where people can donate clothes, food and toiletries for people in need to pick up anytime.

According to Webb, she put absolutely everything she had into this business and even moved her family for it, so she will not give up without a fight.

“This is our dream so if I can find a way, I’m not saying if I can, I will find a way to purchase this on my own. If it’s me setting up fundraisers and doing things like that at local banks for people to drop off money who’s willing to help and give with their heart, that’s what I am going to do,” said Webb.

WNKY attempted to contact the property owner but was unsuccessful.

To support the Black Sheep Diner, you can go grab a meal any day of the week or contact them via Facebook for donations or fundraiser opportunities.