Attorney General Andy Beshear makes a campaign stop in Bowling Green

BOWLING GREEN Ky.-As part of the gubernatorial campaign trail, Kentucky Attorney General and Democratic governor hopeful Andy Beshear stopped in Bowling Green Monday.

With his running mate educator, Jaqueline Coleman, Beshear came to spread his campaign message “Stop the bullying, raise the pay.” This message, Beshear said, refers to current Republican Governor Matt Bevin’s role in education. The highlight was a proposed pay raise to ensure Kentucky teachers don’t feel bullied, he said.

“I support public educators so much, I chose one as my running mate. Today, we are showing our respect and our investment in our public educators by announcing a $2,000 across the board raise for every Kentucky teacher,” Beshear said.

Beshear said similar policies have been passed in Mississippi, Louisiana and Oklahoma, and that if he’s the next governor, that he’d find a way to address teacher pay, and the teacher shortage.

“We’re looking at a teacher short fall right now, schools that are hiring subs for over a full year, and the people that ultimately pay for that are our students,” Beshear said.

In addition to Beshear’s other supporters, Democratic State Representative Patti Minter also came to show her support and is looking forward to some potential changes.

“I’m seriously pumped for Nov. 5. As an educator myself, I’ve taught for 26 years at the Western Kentucky University history department. Andy Beshear and Jaqueline Coleman are going to fight hard for educators,” Minter said.

For educators like Minter, teaching is an act of love, and one they want to keep at for a long time.

“Teachers work hard every single day to educate our students. They take money out of their pockets to pay for supplies, to help with food. We don’t have enough textbooks in the classrooms,” Minter said.

Beshear and Coleman said the overall goal of their campaign is the next generation.

“They’re standing for Kentucky teachers, and most importantly for Kentucky families and children,” Minter said.