Arkansas man missing in Mexico

(KARK) An Arkansas family calls it a nightmare as they search for their loved one they believe has been kidnaped in Mexico.

“It’s your worst horror movie come true,” says Francine Solis.

Her cousin, Jessy Pacheco, 29, is missing.

“The cops aren’t helping us in Mexico. The US Embassy told us that it’s their [Mexico’s] jurisdiction which is weird because he’s a US citizen,” says Solis.

Pacheco is from Van Buren and was interning at a hospital in Fort Smith while attending medical school in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Solis says Pacheco was going to school in Mexico because it was cheaper for his family.

Friends and family say Pacheco flew back to Mexico last week to graduate and get his diploma. They say he wanted to stay in Mexico over the weekend to celebrate before flying back to Arkansas this week, but Solis says a night out with friends left more questions than answers.

“They found the friend about a block away from the club and he had been shot in the head,” says Solis.

Solis says her cousin hasn’t been heard from since.

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