Another travel magazine highlights Bowling Green twice since Christmas season


BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – For the second time since the Christmas season, Bowling Green is featured in a top travel destination magazine – first Conde Nast, and now 365 Atlanta Traveler.


365 Atlanta Traveler is a family travel and outdoor adventure magazine that digs up the hottest attractions in the Southeast, and now they are featuring Bowling Green.”


The article called “13 THINGS TO DO IN BOWLING GREEN KY THAT YOUR FAMILY WILL LOVE” highlights world’s longest cave system, famous corvette’s and long history.

The article goes into detail about Fountain Square Park’s peaceful cafes and historic brick buildings. The author also writes about Aviation Heritage Park’s military aircrafts and their upcoming expansion. Of course, the author touches on Baker Arboretum’s beautiful magnolias, dogwoods, maples and acres of scenery.

Bowling Green Tourism is thrilled by the back-to-back publications.

Convention & Visitors Bureau Communications Director Nora Bryant said, “These are great for our town especially coming as the pandemic we hope everyone sees the increase in visitors.”

Bryant said the size of the town and the number of attractions we have is a surprise to newcomers.

“People always come here and say that there’s so much to do with our lost River Cave and national Corvette Museum,” said Bryant. “People also get outside if they are feeling a little uneasy about the pandemic, but we also have those great indoor attractions as well as the RailPark.”

So, whether you’re a BG native, or new to the town, take a look at the magazine’s featured attractions, and make a day trip around Kentucky’s fastest growing city.