America Idol’s Haley Reinhart performs at The Capitol Tuesday night!

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Any American Idol fans here? Coming Wednesday night, Haley Reinhart performs right here in downtown Bowling Green.

You may know Reinhart from her rise to stardom performances on American Idol Season 10. 

Reinhart has spent the last decade wowing jazz, blues and soul fans with her timeless voice. Wednesday night, you can check out her incredible pipes for yourself.

8 p.m. Tuesday night Reinhart will bring her musical talent to The Capitol in Bowling Green’s Downtown. 

Reinhart spoke to News 40 reporter Meghann Stamps in an exclusive interview while warming up.

Reinhart said, “We are so excited to be here. I believe this is my first time here, so I’m just so excited to connect with the community, the audience tonight and have a beautiful exchange of energy back and forth.”

Warren County Public Library Jennifer Bailey said, “We’re excited Haley is coming to Bowling Green. We hope to turn out is large, because the larger the turnout, the more likely we are to bring large artists into The Capitol …It is such an incredible genre of music, and the community will absolutely love hearing her play live.”

You can get your ticket right now on The Capitol’s website or you can get your ticket at the door Tuesday night.