“A Slap In The Face To Medical Workers”

(KUSA/NBC News) A Denver, Colorado nurse says she felt joy for the first time in a while as she watched the Air Force Thunderbirds fly overhead in support of health care workers on Saturday – but that joy turned to anger as she watched protests on the ground outside her apartment on Sunday.

“It really feels like a slap in the face to medical workers,” said Alexis.

The nurse doesn’t want to share her last name out of concern there could be backlash for speaking out against protesters who want to re-open businesses now.

Alexis doesn’t work in a COVID-19 unit, but the disease is felt everywhere in hospitals.

“We’re having to be surrogate family members for our dying patients,” she said. “Whether or not they’re COVID because we’re not allowing visitors right now. We can’t risk it.”

When Alexis looked out her window today, the American flags caught her eye.

“But to fly American flags to support your point being that it’s justifiable to put other Americans in danger so that you can enjoy your life, so that you can go back to work. It feels backwards,” she said.

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