A lack of rain is affecting farmers in South Central Kentucky

Bowling Green, Ky.- Our hotter than average temperatures and near-drought conditions are creating a severe problem for local farmers.

South Central Kentucky has not seen conditions this dry in a decade.

Farmers say if the lack of rainfall continues, it will result in the production of fewer grain and wreak havoc on supply chains.

Many of these farmers will have to rely on federal crop insurance and the government subsidies a little more.

Neal Ballance, a partner of Triple Oaks Farms, said, “I think another week to ten days, and it will be disaster level on our yields. They might not be a zero, but they will for sure be cut in half or a lot more.”

Ballance says that relying solely on irrigation systems becomes expensive.

Already in a period of inflation and without rain, the cost of vegetables, meat and ethanol products will continue to rise.