3rd annual Operation: Anvil historical reenactment of World War II

BOWLING GREEN Ky.-It was as if Phil Moore Park was an actual battlefield Saturday. Specifically, it was a reenactment of World War II for the 3rd annual Operation: Anvil.

Operation: Anvil is an event put on by an organization known as ‘Honoring our Heroes’. The purpose is to enrich spectators with the history that came in that time frame.

“All of the reenactors are very knowledgeable in World War II. They have unique weapons, original weapons that they can show off,” said Honoring Our Heroes executive director Ron Cummings.

The German Tiger Tank also taking the field. The tank was seen as a major headliner of the event, as it’s considered one of the finest tanks of the second World War and one of the most feared.

“The real rare piece, kind of the jewel of this year’s event is this Tiger Tank. There’s only five of them left in the world, and it’s an absolute beast of a vehicle,” Cummings said.

The battle featured around 170 people playing the roles of being in war. During the battle, an announcer would describe what was taking place over a speaker. Spectators say it was a very impactful experience, from the tank to the battle itself.

“The big news was having the German Tiger tank. It’s a really big tank and it looks really good. They got it running really good,” said spectator Walter Norris.

While the event went on last year through the peak of the pandemic, spectators say they’re thankful that this reenactment is so well supported each year.

“This year’s really helps everybody learn about the history of World War II and America’s involvement in it,” Norris said.

A testament to a community interested in the nation’s history, and the desire for the younger generation to learn what took place many years ago.

“Bowling Green has been very good, supportive, and allowed us to have our third year. We hope to keep it going for years to come,” Cummings said.