2020’s Hottest Toys

Toy sales are booming this year, and industry experts say many old favorites are making their return to wish lists. NBC's Chris Pollone reports.

(NBC News) — When it comes to the hottest toys this holiday season, everything old is new again.

This year, nothing is hotter than “The Child,” more commonly known as Baby Yoda, from “The Mandalorian.”

Hasbro has an animatronic version that can chat with you and he even uses “the force.”

Like everything else, the COVID-19 pandemic is having a big influence on the toy market.

“We were really taken aback by how popular board games really became again,” says The Toy Insider’s Marissa DiBartolo. “This is like a sort of an outdated play pattern that kids were really excited about again.”

Puzzles are hot as well.

It turns out endless scrolling on social media may also be influencing wish lists this year.

“With the rise of TikTok, and these quick videos, even again in the same vein as nostalgia, think roller skates,” says RetailMeNot’s Sara Skirball. “There’s going to be a run on roller skates.”

Toy industry sales are up 16 percent so far this year, and analysts expect that trend to continue.

“Families are really eager and looking for ways to spend time together, and toys and games provide the perfect outlet for them to do that,” DiBartolo says.

Industry experts say if you are looking to buy one of the season’s top toys, don’t wait. Supplies are limited and expected to sell out quickly.

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