1982 drawing of downtown BG displayed in local shop

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- A local artist is bringing a feeling of nostalgia and history to Meltdown Ice Cream Shop in downtown Bowling Green. 

Artist Robert Love is displaying his 14 foot drawing from 40 years ago in the store…it shows what downtown Bowling Green looked like in 1982. 

He used 40 photographs as a guide as he created the mural made out of watercolors, ink pens, paint, colored pencils, and a mechanical architecture ruler. It took him three months to complete. 

He hopes it shows that while businesses have come and gone on the square, the architecture and buildings of our downtown still stand strong. 

“Some people like to appreciate the past, and not all little towns still have businesses on the square,” said Love. 

Smaller versions of the print are available for purchase. Love has been an artist for 40 years, and was a graduate of Bowling Green High School and Western Kentucky University.