Women of Achievement Awards honors Bowling Green heroes

News 40 catches up with Lt. Penny Bowles and Emily Angel

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – The Bowling Green Human Rights Commission honored a couple of city employees at Saturday’s Women of Achievement Awards.

News 40 caught up with two of the recipients – Emily Angel and Lieutenant Colonel Penny Bowles to hear their thoughts on being honored for leading their community and representing their city.

This Year’s Woman of the Year Award went to Neighborhood & Community Services Department’s Emily Angel.

“To be able to surround myself with strong black women who are uplifting and encourage me to step outside my boundaries and even encouraged sometimes the chance of failure but still support and encouraging moving forward is an honor,” said Angel.

Angel went above and beyond in her work in organizing the BG Strong Disaster Resource Center following last December’s tornadoes.

“To me, serving people is what you do is how you’re a good neighbor. If you see a need, you fill a need. To just be able to help everyone is an opportunity to bring something that I love to a town that I love,” said Angel. “Bowling Green is a lot of opportunity to expand yourself and step outside of what you know and what you think things have always been.”

Also, the Human Rights Commission wanted to recognize Bowling Green Police Department’s Lieutenant Colonel Penny Bowles.

Bowles won last year’s Woman of the Year Award, but the ceremony was restricted to online due to the pandemic.

“I’ve been here since 1995. I came here to go to Western, and I absolutely loved it here,” said Bowles. “Being a police officer, you wear many different hats, but the main hat is that we all serve our community and become a part of it… You can look across every spectrum and find strong women that are making a difference in their world but also our world collectively as Bowling Green natives.”

Many would say her award was well deserved. Bowles won the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Kentucky Women’s Law Enforcement Network Conference only last year.

Bowles said, “It’s such a great honor to have even been recognized with my peers. To actually win is still amazing and very humbling.”