Where is Erica Burden? Family pleads for help in finding missing 27-year-old mother

BONNIEVILLE, Ky. – A family and community members are pleading for answers after a Hart County woman is reported missing.

They have been pruning side roads and other areas in Bonnieville searching for the missing mother.

Loved ones are pleading for answers. Where is Erica Burden?

According to police, 27-year-old Erica dropped her daughter, Lily, off at school just before 8 a.m. Tuesday morning.

Her vehicle then left the parking lot and returned one hour later.

Erica’s father, Shelby Nunn, says his wife called him saying Erica never came home after dropping off Lily.

Then, the search began.

“She had been looking for her. She went up and talked to her husband and he said he hadn’t seen her. And so, we was out riding around and rode past the school at Bonnieville and I seen her vehicle there. I pulled in and went over and looked in her vehicle. I knew it was hers. [I] noticed that the driver side seat cover was missing. I didn’t touch anything. I called the police,” said Nunn.

Locals like Christopher Lengner have been searching for the missing woman.

“I laid in bed last night and continued to think, ‘Man, what if that was my kid or my daughter or my mom or anybody in my family in general?’ And I just couldn’t handle the fact that maybe she still out here alive and maybe we could have a chance to find her,” said Lengner.

A court granted an emergency protective order this afternoon to keep Lily away from Erica’s estranged husband.

The little girl is now with her grandparents, where Erica and Lily were living before the disappearance.

“Lily just asked me when I brought her in, ‘Where is my momma at?’ She’s just, poor little thing, she don’t know. Her mama, they’re tight. They just love each other to death, and I know that’s going to break her heart,” said Nunn.

Nunn says Erica is an outstanding mom.

“She wouldn’t leave her daughter. She loves that baby. That’s her best friend. It’s sad. Something’s happened to her. She didn’t just up and leave. She’s a good mother and a great daughter. I just want her home,” said Nunn.

Erica was last seen wearing a burgundy sweatshirt, distressed blue jeans and leopard crocs.

She also carries a leopard purse and has tattoos up her right arm.

Her cousin, 10-year-old Parker Nunn, says Erica is like a second mom to him and he is worried about her.

“I just feel empty, and I just hope Erica is okay. If anybody knows anything, anything, even like, anything, even like a little tiny thing, just let us know please,” said Parker.

Police are asking anyone with a camera in the area to check their surveillance videos between 8 and 9 Tuesday morning to see if a 2018 silver Toyota Rav 4 drove by.

If you saw that vehicle or have video of it during those hours, contact police immediately.

If you have any information on Erica’s location, contact KSP at (270)782-2010.

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