Warren County Volunteer Firefighters receive Narcan

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Plano Fire Department Chief Kevin Bailey alongside Executive Director of Save Our Kids, Eric Gregory, worked together to secure funds for Narcan to be made available to volunteer fire departments in Warren County.

As drug incidents in Warren County area rise, Narcan is a substance that is has been highly requested by different response agencies such as fire departments who can often arrive on scene before ambulances and other EMS teams. The ability to access Narcan quickly would allow the fire department to save someone who might be overdosing on drugs such as methamphetamines’ if responding to a drug related incident.

Gregory said that while overdoses in Warren County used to be sparse, agencies are seeing the positive effects of Narcan weekly if not daily. The new availability of the medicine helps out the responders in incidents where potent drugs might be around such as fentanyl. First responders can quickly be treated if subjected to an overdose while on the job as well as help victims of overdose.