Warren County to test storm sirens Wednesday

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Warren County is testing is storm sirens at noon Wednesday.

“We try to audibly test our sirens at least twice a year,” Warren County Emergency Management Director Ronnie Pearson said. “We typically choose the statewide testing day but because it was cancelled last week because of the flooding we decided to do it this week.”

The state will do its testing next week.

“If we find any issues tomorrow we may follow up” and test again next week, he said.

“We want the community to be familiar with the sound. They need to tune in to media to find out what is going on,” Pearson said.

These twice a year tests also determine if the system works as it should.

“We electronically monitor the sirens daily at our office. It says … everything is good but we have found sometimes that’s not always the case,” Pearson said. “This is the verification that our electronics are doing their job of monitoring the system.”