Warren County Jail trash pick up resumes

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Road crews are back out collecting trash this week once again.

When COVID hit, road crews were pulled from their jobs in order to keep the jail safer from the virus.

Months ago, inmates began picking up trash once again after a year off.

Then, when the second wave hit, the crews were pulled off the streets once again.

Now, they are back out cleaning and working on the roadsides and at county parks.

“Instead of them being in the jail all day, they can be out working and gaining credit on their sentence but also helping to keep Warren County looking good. So, we’re excited to get some of those programs back up and running. Obviously, we’re doing it very cautiously. We’re doing it slowly so that the COVID pandemic doesn’t continue to affect our operation,” said Jailer Stephen Harmon.

If you are passing a road crew, please slow down, pay attention and move over to keep the men and women safe.