Tumbleweeds Bury Washington Homes

An invasion of tumbleweeds leaves residents of Kennewick, Washington with a massive clean-up job. KNDU's Justin Honore reports.

KENNEWICK, Wash. (NBC News) — Strong winds over the weekend brought a series of problems for people in Southwest Washington state. From downed power lines to road closures, the wind was ruining people’s day. Some s were even trapped out of their homes due to the amount of tumbleweeds that came from the wind.

“Yesterday we ran to the store and we couldn’t get back into the garage because half of my driveway was full of tumbleweeds,” said Kennewick resident Jocelyn Miller.

Miller’s whole garage and front door were blocked by tumbleweeds. The tumbleweeds didn’t just stop in front of her house, they also spread to her backyard knocking over patio furniture as well.

“The lot behind us isn’t developed so the tumbleweeds are piled up to the top of our fence,” Miller said. “Basically you can just see them blowing up on top of the fence, our yard is completely full.”

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