Trump: spying claim “absolutely true”

(NBC News) President Trump Is Backing Up His Attorney General’s claim that his 2016 campaign was “spied on.”

Attorney General William Barr said “I believe there was spying” while testifying before a Senate panel Wednesday, but added he no evidence to support that belief.

“Hard to believe it could have happened, but it did,” Mr. Trump said Thursday “There was spying on my campaign.”

The attorney general’s comments sparked a firestorm of protest among Democrats, who say Barr is not acting as the nation’s top law enforcement official, but is working instead to protect the president.

“It was calculated to be very pleasing to Donald Trump,” said Senator Mazie Hirono. “So when Barr opened his mouth, Trump’s words came tumbling out”

Barr says he plans to release a redacted version of special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia Report, hopefully next week.

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