Trump downplays Chinese tariffs

(NBC News) President Trump described the latest escalation in his ongoing trade war with China as “a little squabble.”

Mr. Trump went on to say the United States has been treated “unfairly” for decades and warned while a deal could happen, he’s still threatening hundreds of billions in additional tariffs.

On Monday China slapped tariffs on $60 billion U.S. goods, 5,000 products including batteries, spinach and coffee. It’s a retaliation for Trump’s tariff hike on $200 billion of Chinese imports.

The president has repeatedly said, incorrectly, that american consumers aren’t paying the costs.

“That’s another one of the Trump lies when he says China pays for this,” says Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown. “American consumers are paying, American farmers are paying,”

The new Chinese tariffs scheduled to take effect June 1st target agricultural products and U.S. Farmers, especially soybeans sold to China.

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