Trump and McConnell clash on closing border

(NBC News) Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is clashing with President Donald Trump over his repeated threats to shut down the U.S. border with Mexico, warning that it could have catastrophic economic impact on our country.

The president’s threat has migrants rushing into the U.S. to request asylum before he closes the southern border.

There’s currently a 12-hour backup at legal ports of entry for delivery trucks coming in from Mexico after border agents were sent off to deal with immigration. The trucks are carrying goods worth $1.7 billion a day.

While President Trump recognizes the negative impact it would have on the economy, he argues that closing the border would prevent drugs entering the United States. The president’s chief economic advisor says the president is considering shutting down the border, but keeping those truck lanes open to keep trade flowing.

The president will make his way to California Friday to view new fencing at the border. Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen is in Yuma, Arizona – one of the busiest sites for migrants entering the U.S.

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