Three Superintendents of local school districts announce retirements

EDMONTON/BROWNSVILLE, MORGANTOWN Ky.-Metcalfe County, Edmonson County, and now Butler County. Purely by coincidence, the Superintendents of all three districts have announced their retirements after a combined total of over 80 years in education.

“I have to say, it’s bittersweet.  The decision was a tough one, but I just want the best for our school system,” said Butler County School District Superintendent Scott Howard.

Superintendent is a huge role that involves overseeing the operations of all schools in a particular district, which means the position needs to be filled urgently.

“Anytime there’s a chance in leadership at the superintendent position, there’s always a little anxiety among staff across the district. In each situation although they’re unique situations, each school board understands that, and will make the best decision possible to make sure there’s a smooth transition,” said Edmonson County School District Superintendent Patrick Waddell.

There is not one set process for hiring a Superintendent in Kentucky. Most boards of education follow a similar process. Hiring the right person for a superintendent position is seen as the single most important job of the board of education in any district.

“There is a superintendent screening committee that’s put together of parents, community members, district staff, school staff, will review all applicants and present the board with the number of applicants that they request,” Waddell said.

While it’s an important role, Howard said it’s not one that just anyone can step in. It takes a special type of character to lead the district.

“Definitely, you need to be able to communicate with people, listen to people. Above anything, you need to love kids,” Howard said.