Three Barren County High School students save cattle from burning barn

GLASGOW Ky.-Three teenagers are being called heroes after risking their own lives to save the lives of dozens of cows last month.

While taking a driven the evening of December 11, Jaxen Arms, Jonathan London and Mason Pennington noticed flames coming from a barn at the Stovall Farm in Park City.  The friends immediately jumped into action.

“We didn’t have to think about it. We just dived straight in. I jumped in a tractor and those two went in the barn. They helped me move some cattle trailers, and we went in and saved some cattle,” Arms said.

Between the 80 cows and the equipment inside the barn, the young men saved the farm owner $300,000 . A feat they say wasn’t one that deserves recognition. Rather, it’s what anyone should do.

“We had to help him out with everything he had,” London said.

“I don’t feel any less than I did that day. We had to help him get his stuff out of the fire,” Pennington said.

At a recent Barren County School District board meeting, the students were recognized for their courage and quick reaction. A decision that Barren County High School principal Amy Irwin said deserves praise.

“I was extremely proud of these three Barren County High School students for their selfless service. I also felt relieved for their safety knowing they had really put themselves in danger to help a fellow neighbor out,” Irwin said.

Irwin said the actions of these students represent what the Barren County School District teaches about selflessness.

“We are most proud of the character of our students. I know our jobs as educators are to teach core subjects, but at the end of the day, we’re so proud of our students. We know we’ve produced good neighbors. Students who possess the characteristic of selflessness to others,” Irwin said.

The students hope this serves as a lesson to anyone who is given an opportunity to help.

“Do it, and don’t feel better than other people. Just be the same person you was, and just do it,” Arms said.