The Med Center will begin vaccinating children 5-11 on Friday

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – The COVID-19 vaccination is officially approved for children 5 to 11 years old by the FDA for emergency authorization.

Following approval, Pfizer is working to distribute 11-million doses of the pediatric version around the nation.

The wait is over for parents hoping to get their kids vaccinated after the FDA handed out its approval.

Its clinical trial showed the vaccine provides 90.7% protection against symptomatic disease in this age group.

While most children do not experience serious issues with COVID-19, pediatrician Dr. Helen Carter at The Med Center at Bowling Green encourages all parents to consider vaccinating their kids.

“There are kids who have a long-term symptoms, we call it long COVID, where they can have symptoms of COVID for months after they get Covid and recover from it. So even though most children are at low risk to have complications, it’s not a 0% chance and you just never know how your kids going to be effected,” said Carter.

The pediatric dose of the vaccine will be just 1/3 of the regular adult Pfizer vaccine.

“It will be in a different vile so it will not be easily confused with the adult dose or anything like that but it’s still on the same schedule. You’ll get the first vaccine and then the second one three weeks later,” said Carter.

Some common symptoms for kids after receiving their vaccine is soreness at the injection cite, fever and other mild feelings of illness.

With so many updates coming at such a fast pace, there has been a lot of confusion and questions about COVID booster shots as well.

In mid-September, the FDA approved the booster shot for the Pfizer vaccine.

In late October, the FDA approved the booster shot for the Johnson and Johnson vaccine, the Moderna vaccine and said it was okay to get a different brand of vaccine booster than your original vaccine.

For now, you can get a COVID booster shot if you are over 65, have an underlying condition or work as a frontline employee.

There has not been a booster shot approved for children at this time.

The FDA says the benefits of the pediatric vaccine outweigh the risk to children.

Sheldon’s Pharmacy said a shipment of vaccine should come in next week.

CDS #10 expects to get the vaccine but are unsure of when they will come in.

Med Center Health will administer the pediatric vaccine from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m. at Medical Center Urgentcare on New Towne Drive in Bowling Green beginning Friday, November 5. To make an appointment, text COVID to 270-796-4400.

Medical Center Primary Care in Bowling Green will administer the vaccine beginning Monday, November 8. To schedule an appointment call 270-901-0629.

To find out if your child’s pediatrician will have the vaccine, please call their office to learn more.