The Hobson House will soon offer a free library to kids who visit the museum

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – The Riverview at Hobson Grove is expanding their service to kids in Warren County and beyond.

That’s with a new miniature library, one that anyone can take books from to read or donate to.

Just last week, the Hobson House was given a new addition on site that will aim to enrich the minds of any kid that visits the museum.

A generous donor provided the Hobson House Director, Brooke Peterson, a newspaper box that houses the books.

Peterson then hired an artist to redesign the library box to make it more appealing.

In just a few weeks, kids will be able to use the mini library for free when they visit the Hobson House.

The library has not yet been placed on the charter.

However, Peterson believes once the library is available, kids who take advantage will appreciate history even more.

Also during the summer, tours at the Hobson House are free for kids in Bowling Green/Warren County school systems only.