The change of season means changing road hazards

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. — As we move deeper into the fall season, many of us are busy winterizing our homes and getting our families ready for colder weather. But it’s important to remember the road rules change, too, now that we’ve moved into Autumn.

News 40 spoke with Trooper Daniel Priddy with the Kentucky State Police and he said there are different threats to motorists this time of year including an earlier sunset that can cause a glare during the drive home in the evening.

The beautiful fall leaves we enjoy looking at every year become a problem as well when they collect in the road. Trooper Priddy said they not only cover potholes and puddles, but wet leaves can make roads slick and cause drivers to skid if they try and make a sudden stop…that means leaving more room for braking and leaving more space between yourself and the car in front of you.

Another driving danger is a moving target of sorts…deer. Priddy said deer become more active this time of year because of changes to their habitat going from warm to cold.

While you can’t eliminate the hazards around you, keeping your car’s maintenance up to date and paying attention to the road can help reduce the risk of being a victim of the season when it comes to automobile accidents.