The 24th annual Stand For Children Day takes over BG Ballpark

Bowling Green, ky.- You could feel the excitement this morning at the BG Ballpark during the 24th Annual Stand For Children Day.

Bowling Green Warren County Community Education hosted the event with the help of many title sponsors.

Many local organizations came out to provide children with fun games and activities, while offering parents and caregivers the chance to learn about services in our community.

Booths for both kids and adults featured karaoke, art, CPR education and so much more.

Joshua Smith, the assistant director for community education, said, “It’s getting that information that parents and caregivers and childcare services need, but it’s also just being here for our kids and making sure they have a world that they can grow up in and prosper in.”

If you missed out on this year’s Stand For Children Day, don’t worry. Preparations for the 25th annual event are already underway.

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