Surgeons save injured bear

(WESH) A black bear was hit by a car on Washington’s Kitsap Peninsula last December, but she went back into the woods after the crash. State wildlife officials set out to find her in an effort to save her life.

“That bear was going through a painful ordeal on its own out there in the woods and likely would have died an agonizing and long drawn out death if we had not intervened,” said Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Officer Nick Jorg.

Jorg was able to locate the bear thanks to his Karelian bear dog (KBD) partner, Colter. The KBD program was created for situations exactly like this one, to give bears a better chance at surviving encounters with humans.

The bear was limping but otherwise looked healthy. She was taken to PAWS Wildlife Care Center in Lynnwood, where a special team of doctors was called in and confirmed suspicions.

“So this is the right side of her pelvis here. This is her right hip joint. That’s normal. Over here is her left side where she has the fracture,” explained Veterinary Specialty Center Radiologist Dr. Tori McKlveen.

The bear would need surgery.

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