Students of the Bowling Green Independent School district return to in-person instruction

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-Tuesday was a day staff from a local school district have been looking forward to for a long time. It was the day the Bowling Green Independent School District welcomed students back in-person.

District superintendent Gary Fields traveled to the schools to check in with the staff and students on what was an exciting day according to educators. The schools were filled with decorations welcoming the students back.

Students who chose in-person instruction will attend school five days a week, and all COVID 19 guidelines will be enforced to ensure students and staff are in a safe learning environment.

Fields said getting to this point took the combined effort off all staff members in the district, and he’s thrilled to take one step closer to normalcy.

“It’s a credit to the 620 employees that we have in the Bowling Green Independent School district. From our classroom teachers, principals, secretaries, bus drivers and custodians. I’ve never been more proud to work with professionals that we have here in Bowling Green,” Fields said.

Students enrolled in the virtual academy will continue the spring schedule as planned and preschool students will continue to attend two full days per week on the purple and gold schedule.