Student awarded grant for agriculture for a second time

GLASGOW, Ky. – A Barren County High School senior received a grant for an agricultural project for $1,000.

One Barren County student is preparing to plant his own garden with a grant he applied for through the Future Farmers of America funded by the Bob Evans foundation.

That student, Coby Lee.

He is working to build garden beds and expand the garden he has been growing vegetable in.

Alongside only a few students in the entire state, Coby was awarded the grant.

Coby expects to receive the funds in February when he will begin to plan out his much larger garden that he will tend to.

“The grant is for my garden and to be able to have new garden beds and to be able to buy seeds and plants. I plan on growing that until it’s time to harvest and then I will either use it for supper that night or I’ll choose to can it and sell it to family friends,” said Coby.

This isn’t the first time Coby has received this grant.

Two years ago, Coby received the same grant to allow him to build stalls for his goats to give birth more safely.

It all started after his teacher had the students turn in a mock application for the grant as an assignment.

“I took it a step further, which I didn’t have to do, and filled it out online and then I waited and got that one too. So, I used it toward my goats,”

“I think that the initiative that Coby has done is kind of the epitome of what we would like to see happen in a student as they go through the program and kind of grow and mature into themselves. This is a big deal. This is a national grant that only three or four students from the state of Kentucky actually got,” said A.J. Mitchell, agriculture teacher, Barren County High Schools.

Coby hopes to keep up with his gardens and his goats for as long as he can throughout his life.

Coby says he likes to garden because it allows him to provide food for his family and friends even when fresh food is hard to attain.