Star made out of tornado debris sits atop 25-foot-tall SKyPAC tree

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-Catching you up on a story News 40 brought you before…a star made out of something special now sits on top of the 25-foot tree in front of SKyPAC. 

The brass and aluminum star is made out of debris from the tornado, recovered from a house on Magnolia Street. 

It may look small sitting up 25 feet in the air, but it actually stands four-feet-tall, four-feet wide and weighs 20 pounds! 

A crew from BGMU put up the star earlier this morning and hung the lights…exactly 2,000! 

“The community really got hit so hard, with this tornado and I think that it’s gonna be something really special because everybody here knows somebody affected by that storm. I think this will help people look up and see we all come together,” said Randall Erskine, owner of Erskine Concepts and creator of the star. 

There will be an official tree and star lighting ceremony this Friday- more details to come.