St. Joseph school will soon have a stream lab

BOWLING GREEN Ky.- A Bowling Green Catholic school will soon have a new resource, something known as a stream lab.

St. Joseph interparochial school will start construction on the stream lab after the students leave for the summer. Stream stands for science, technology, religion, engineering, arts and math.

This lab will provide students with all new hands-on resources to students that relate to these subjects. An existing space in the school building will be used to make this lab.

Principal Rodney Schwartz said the skills students can pick up from having this lab will be beneficial in today’s age of technology.

“There’s so much that students can do that they can’t do in a regular classroom. It involves a lot of 21st century skills that students need, like problem solving, creative thinking, groupwork, and collaboration. They can all take place in this setting,” Schwartz said.

As of now, the plan is to have the lab fully operational by Aug. 4.