Some jobs offer competitive pay without requiring prior experience

BOWLING GREEN Ky.-When looking for a new career, the required work experience or education may deter you from applying for some jobs. On the other hand, there are plenty of well-paying jobs that don’t require much or any experience.

Some of those jobs are available in south-central Kentucky. In fact, Mr. Rooter plumbing in Bowling Green does not require new employees to have years of experience or a college degree prior to starting.

Owner and manager of the Bowling Green location Tony Swift says new employees are trained for 2 years and can get a Kentucky plumbers license. From there, employees can accumulate wealth, and have a career lasting around 20 to 45 years.

Swift says while not much is required in terms of experience, he emphasizes that a good work ethic is necessary.

“Really, we just look for a good work ethic, people who show up on time and are ready and willing to do the job. That’s really the only thing we care about, we want somebody who is coming to work to work, to do the best job they can do for the customer and the job at hand,” Swift said.

According to data from SCK strong, plumbers can start making around $40,000 a year. At Mr. Rooter’s, that number can go higher as experience builds up. That data along with statistics on other fields can be found here.