Soaking wet toddler found alone in Bowling Green

BOWLING GREEN, KY – A toddler was found wandering Louisville Road alone in Bowling Green Saturday.

Bowling Green Fire Department officials found the little girl near Top Notch Painting.

The Bowling Green Police Department said the girl appeared to have been outside for awhile Saturday and was soaking wet.

According to a report, a few good Samaritans stopped to picked up the lost child and wrapped him up in a blanket while they waited for the police to arrive.

It was 41 degrees outside.

Police found the mother of the one year old shortly after who said she had run upstairs to grab a pair of socks and came back down and the child was missing.

She said she believed the baby was hiding and began to look for him.

Police described the mother as frantic and very concerned about her child’s whereabouts.

EMS responded and checked out the child.

According to the report, the child had no injuries and was returned to it’s mother.

The report says social services will be following up on the mother to ensure the child’s safety.

The mother was grateful for the help of concerned citizens and the police who helped get her son to safety, according to the report.