“So ugly he’s cute” – Maine pup vows for “ugliest dog” crown

(WCSH/NBC News) Tostito may be the ugliest dog you’ve ever seen. His owner is certainly hoping so.

Molly Horgan is set to travel from her Falmouth, Maine home to California later this month to enter Tostito in the World’s Ugliest Dog Contest.

It’s an award that might be insulting to some but Molly says she is honored.

“It’s all about celebrating that every dog is really beautiful,” Horgan said. “It’s not offensive at all.”

Tostito was accepted as one of nine contestants vying for the title. The contest that has been happening for almost 30 years aims at promoting the adoption of unique looking dogs saying “the pedigree does not define the pet” rather than making fun of them. The contest frequently highlights dogs who have been rescued or saved from puppy mills.

Horgan rescued Tostito and she says it was love at first sight.

“I saw his face and I knew I just had to have him right away.” Horgan said.

Tostito was not always as loved as he is now by Horgan. He looks the way he does because he was severely neglected.

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