Snow plows are working to clear the snow

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Road crews have been preparing for the snow storm for several days, from pre-treating the roads, to continually scraping and salting streets throughout the day.

A snow day is fun for some, annoying for many, and a busy day at work for others.

Road crews have been out in full force working to clear the snow from the roads.

Crews began by pretreating the roads, a process that works best when it isn’t going to rain before the snow.

“We’ve been preparing for snow for, we started earlier in the year making sure our equipment was up to par and working well. And then, we got everything back off and started doing our regular work. And we started preparing for this snow about three days ago, re-treating roads and getting equipment ready,” said Billy Joe Simmons, road supervisor, Warren County Roads Department.

When snow comes in, these truckers often work long hours and oftentimes work overnight to treat roadways.

Now that the snow is here and coating the area in a fluffy, wet layer of white, trucks are out plowing the streets and adding more salt to help make roadways safer for travel.

“You got the plow, obviously, to push the snow off, the box and spreader behind the truck. You put the salt in the box and it spreads the salt out on the road [and] helps melt the snow. Tire chains are easier to go in the snow,” said Zack Doyle, truck driver.

Simmons says he has been doing this for twenty years and likes to help people.

“I like helping the citizens be able to get out, you know, for emergencies, doctor visits, groceries. I’ve always like that about this job- keeping the roads open for the citizens to be able to get out and take care of their needs,” said Simmons.

You may have seen the roads and wondered why the snow isn’t melting.

Well, according to the road crews, salt only works at a few degrees below freezing until the sun comes out and heats the black top, which will likely happen Friday morning.

Simmons asks that drivers use caution around their trucks and leave them room to work as the roads will continue to need care over the coming hours.