SKYfest gives students a chance to learn about campus organizations and clubs

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-The campus of South-Central Kentucky Community and Technical College was lively Tuesday, as students learned of more opportunities available to them.

SKYfest gives students a chance to make themselves known to the different clubs and organizations available in their college community. This outdoor event took place from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on the main campus. The outdoor setting meant everyone could enjoy the event while remaining safe.

Director of student life and engagement David Travis says clubs were still active during last year’s COVID peaks, but they went on virtually. College staff say the in-person experience of this event makes it even better.

Travis says he loves seeing the students branch out and learn about the organizations.

“This is the first time our students in week two get to learn about life on campus. It’s just a great opportunity for the students to mix and mingle, learn about all the things they can do here on campus, connect, and really just become part of the community,” Travis said.

Some virtual experiences will be provided like the leadership series, painting program, and cooking show just to name a few.