Sheriff’s office plans to handle arson investigations differently after state fire marshal ‘fails’ to provide ‘support’

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – The Warren County Sheriff’s Office is partnering with local fire personnel to help solve arson investigations in the county.

During the public Warren County Fiscal Court meeting, Hightower expressed his concern after recent arsons were not investigated by the Kentucky fire marshals.

A month ago, on two separate mornings, six individual fires were started in southern Warren County, all considered arson.

According to the Warren County Sheriff, the fires were likely intentionally set, but their deputies are not trained to work arson alone.

So, they need help from an outside source.

“Due to some recent, we believe, arson within the county, there was a failure within the state fire marshal‘s office. We’re not getting any support from them. And we need somebody to be able to come into these situations to give us point of origin and talk about accelerants and give us their training capabilities with that,” said Hightower.

The details of the agreement have not been released but the sheriff expressed a plan to begin to handle arson cases in county rather than outsourcing the assistance.

He also encouraged the magistrates to contact the governor’s office regarding the issue.