Roomba blamed in burglary scare

(KGW) Sheriff’s deputies in Washington, County, Oregon cannot stop talking about a home burglary call Monday afternoon.

A call for help came from a Beaverton home just before 2 p.m.

Deputy Brian Rogers was one of the first on scene and was met by two men who were house-sitting for their nephew.

“They had been out walking their dog and when they came back and walked in the house they heard noises in the house and a bathroom door close,” Rogers says.

Fearing that an intruder was in the home, Rogers and two colleagues put on additional safety gear and moved toward the house.

“I have what’s referred to as a long gun or rifle out,” says Rogers. “The detective and other deputy have their duty-issued handguns out.”

The armed trio moved towards the bathroom where they heard a commotion.

“It sounded like someone was trying to get out a window,” Rogers says “I had a deputy post up at the back of the house to make sure the suspect couldn’t bail out the back window of the bathroom.”

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