Report sheds new light on Hacienda Healthcare rape

(KPNX) Police in Phoenix, Arizona have released their report on a rape investigation at a Hacienda Healthcare facility after an incapacitated patient with intellectual disabilities gave birth in December.

In May, the victim’s family filed a notice of claim against the state of Arizona, the first step to a possible lawsuit. The family alleges Hacienda Healthcare ignored the family’s request for female-only caretakers and failed to notice the pregnancy after their daughter was “violently and repeatedly raped.”

The police report gives more insight into the investigation and how Hacienda employees missed the abuse and the victim’s pregnancy.

Police arrested former Hacienda Healthcare nurse Nathan Sutherland in connection with the rape.

The police report says a court order mandated DNA swabs based on “identifying physical characteristics” of the baby. Sutherland’s DNA sample identified the 36-year-old as the father, according to police.

In the months before the victim gave birth, staff noticed Sutherland began acting differently.

They said he would go for a full shift without talking to anybody and “stopped taking care of himself.”

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