Reopening Restaurants Face Uncertain Future

As states lift coronavirus restrictions and businesses slowly reopen, restaurants are facing major changes in the way they operate. NBC's Chris Clackum reports.

(NBC News) As parts of the country slowly reopen, many in the restaurant industry aren’t optimistic about the new world they’ll be operating in.

“I can’t really envision a restaurant where people have their mouths covered and everybody is wearing gloves,” says restaurant owner Greg Morris.

There will be changes going forward…some for the better.

Many restaurants are doing take-out or delivery now, while planning operational changes to be ready when the lockdown is lifted.

Single-use menus, plexiglass dividers between seating areas, and tables free of silverware and condiments are just some changes being embraced

There will also be physical changes.

“We are suggesting that our restauranteurs pay attention to the six foot distancing, make sure groups are certain size, that the distance between is a sufficient distance,” says the National Restaurant Association’s Larry Lynch.

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