Realtors drop ‘master’ bedroom over alleged racial connotations

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Some fair housing advocates have said for a while now that realtors should no longer use the descriptions “master bedroom” or “master bathroom”. Now, a few places are making official changes. 

Critics say the word “master” has negative racial connotations, and many realtors across the nation either have dropped or soon will drop the word altogether. 

The Cincinnati real estate listings now use the word “primary” to describe bathrooms and bedrooms. 

The Northern Kentucky Multiple Listing Service also has plans to swap out the term “master” for “primary”.

CEO of the REALTOR Association of Southern Kentucky Jim DeMaio said there’s been no local talk about a hard, fast change here. 

“We would definitely look at it. Let our board directors make the decision on something like that, but it’s nothing that’s right ever really come up,” said DeMaio.

Bowling Green Crye Leike realtor Julie Sullivan said she’s not heard much on the subject, and no official switch has happened at her workplace.

“I haven’t heard a lot about it. I started noticing it and some of the floorplans and stuff that builders had been putting out. I think there’s been a few changes on our MLS with people putting it in their description, but I haven’t seen a huge change,” said Sullivan.

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