Potter Children’s Home breaks ground on facility expansion

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-An organization that serves children and families in need is celebrating an expansion of its current facility on Thursday.

The Potter Children’s Home and Family Ministries campus currently accommodates 17 single parent families but is now expanding to make room for more.

In Warren County, 36% of children are raised in single parent homes. The new quadplex will make room for the growing population of local families in need of support, as well as the staff who serve them.

Warren County Sheriff Brett Hightower and Bowling Green Mayor Bruce Wilkerson were among those in attendance today.

“The groundbreaking here at Potter Children’s Home means a lot to the Bowling Green, because it means another group of families will be serviced in their time of need. We’re so excited that Potter’s Children’s Home has been here for 100 years, and we can look to them to provide the faith-based support necessary to help these families make a turnaround,” said Wilkerson.

The local ministry cares for foster kids and orphans as well. Construction on the quadplex is set to begin next month.