UPDATE: Woman kills man with BB gun

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Bowling Green police are investigating the shooting death of a man found on Cherry Way Saturday.

Police received a call from a resident in the 300 block of Cherry Way where the resident said a man was passed out on the ground, Officer Amber Kae Bowman said.

The man had multiple wounds from a BB gun according to an arrest citation.

He was taken to a Bowling Green Hospital where he was pronounced deceased, Bowman said.

Police identified the victim as Phillip Stewart, 31.

Police were on the scene at 1:43 p.m. asking for the occupant of an apartment to come the door. They called for her by name.

The critical response team was called out. Police determined the apartment was empty.

As of Sunday night, Alison Hargis was arrested and charged with murder.

According to her citation, she shot the man several times with a BB gun, causing his death.

Hargis also had six unrelated warrants for her arrest, according to police.

Hargis is lodged in the Warren County Regional Jail.