Party Under the Pavilion kicks off at the SOKY Marketplace

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – SOKY Marketplace plays host to a fun night for the whole family.

Thursday night was the first Party Under the Pavilion of the year, which includes food trucks, local vendors and live music from local singer/songwriters.

The event is held a couple of times throughout the year to bring the community together for a fun night of food, shopping and live music.

The Farmers’ Market and SOKY Marketplace are excited to host the event again in the near future.

“The Party Under the Pavilion is our night market that celebrates the Farmers Market. We also invite craft vendors and local artists to set up. But then we create a free environment for families to come down. So, we have food trucks, inflatables, live music. This one in particular, we partnered with The Grove, which is a music venue in Glasgow that are really great friends to work with, so they helped us bring in some singers and songwriters,” Sarah Cline, Executive Director of SOKY Marketplace says.

If you’d like to keep up with when the next Party Under the Pavilion is, you can search SOKY Marketplace on Facebook or check their website at