Parker-Bennett-Curry student receives surprise announcement

BOWLING GREEN Ky.-A typical morning assembly at Parker-Bennett-Curry Elementary School yielded a surprise for one particular student, specifically for fourth grader M.K. Hudson.

Hudson was selected from 50 students nationwide to receive a full scholarship to Space Camp, an announcement that he wasn’t expecting.

“I really didn’t know. I was just here like a normal kid, just waiting for something to happen,” Hudson said after the students assembled for the big reveal.

Space camp is based in Huntsville, Ala. and gives campers the chance to participate in different activities related to science, technology, engineering and math. Fourth grade math teacher Kendra Lowe said Hudson is a great fit for space camp.

“M.K. was just a student who automatically stood out because he excels in mathematics and science and does very well in those subjects,” Lowe said.

While Hudson didn’t know until the announcement, both Lowe and his mother Onya Ragland knew, and Ragland said she was blown away when she first found out.

“I was very very shocked. When I got the email, when I read up on it, I felt like it would be a great opportunity for my son,” Ragland said.

It’s an opportunity that only 50 students in the nation in grades two through five get the chance to experience.

“I was overjoyed that he got accepted. You wouldn’t think that he’d be accepted out of 50 kids, and there’s no telling how many people’s kids got put into this,” Ragland said.

While students at Parker-Bennett-Curry are excelling as a whole, Lowe said she’s glad that M.K. will represent Bowling Green in this program.

“I feel pretty great. I know that we have some amazing kids at Parker-Bennett-Curry, and I’m just beyond excited that one of them gets to be recognized,” Lowe said.