Parents react to mask mandate at school board meeting

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Many parents voiced their opinions on mask mandates during Thursday night’s Warren County School board meeting.

The meeting got a bit heated between parents and board members.

Kentucky lawmakers have removed statewide school mask mandates, now leaving it up to local school boards to decide whether to require masks or not. Warren County Public Schools as well as the Bowling Green Independent School District have continued to require masks.

The school systems say this policy helps keep quarantine numbers down in an effort to keep more kids in school.

Many parents feel their child shouldn’t be forced to wear a mask.

“The reprehensible damage that you people have done to my children and grandchildren, forcing them to wear these masks. If I understood correctly, Kentucky has gotten rid of the mask mandate for our school children. Yet Warren County seems to continue the issue. And I’d like to know why”, said one parent.

At the end of the meeting, board members thanks staff for working hard to keep schools open.