Ohio church pays off medical debt for 45,000 families

(WLWT/NBC News) Ohio’s Crossroads Church says through the help of donations and an organization called Rest in Peace Medical Debt, they helped clear 45,000 families of medical debt.

They bundle up debt from hospitals and buy it at a fraction of what’s actually owed.

A total of “$465,000 was given for that and they can generally buy the debt one to a hundred,” Pastor Brian Tome said.

One Sunday in November, Tome explained the organization to his congregation and asked for a one time offering to put towards people’s medical debts.

“We felt so blessed that the church did this,” said recipient Rebecca Alcorn.

Alcorn, a native of Cincinnati who now lives in California. She said she had accumulated her debt when she was younger. She said she didn’t even remember it until it was time for her and her husband to purchase a home. Alcorn had just begun the process of paying down debt when she learned of the gift.

“So as soon as we were ready to start the medical debt, I received that letter in the mail,” said Alcorn.

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